PureTaboo – JoJo Kiss – Jekyll And Dad

Release Year: 2020
Studio: PureTaboo
Cast: JoJo Kiss
Genres: Brunette, Clips, HD, Teen, 1080p, Bathroom, Daddy, Daughter, Daughter And Dad, Dining Room, Police, Step Daughter, Step Father, Taboo
Video language: English

Beginning to get worried, Lucy heads out into the hall and starts frantically looking for Emma. Finally, on the opposite end of the house, she finds Emma -- who seems to be having a perfectly friendly chat with Lucy's step-dad, Mr. Edwards (Dick Chibbles). They look up at her a bit in surprise as she comes in, looking a bit panicked. Emma explains that they were out of toilet paper in the other bathroom so she went off looking for another bathroom, and she was just heading back when she ran into Lucy's dad and they started chatting...
Emma gushes that 'I had no idea your step-dad's a policeman, Lucy, you never talk about him!' Lucy seems in a hurry to bring Emma back to her room, saying they should get back to studying. Mr. Edwards suggests that Emma should stay for dinner, but Lucy interrupts saying Emma can't stay. Mr. Edwards tells Emma that she's welcome if she changes her mind, or if she wants to come back after her lessons for a late-night study session. Emma graciously thanks him, while Lucy tries to subtly pull Emma out of the room.
A bit flustered, Emma manages to say it was nice meeting him, before giving in to Lucy's shepherding tactics. Mr. Edwards calls out to the girls that it was a pleasure to meet her too. Once the girls are out of sight, Mr. Edwards' hand slowly balls up into a tight fist, trembling with rage. Without warning, he slams his fist against the nearby wall.

Format: mp4
Duration: 40:02
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Audio: 187kbps

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